Creative Arts & Play Therapy with Nicola Cox Creative Arts and Play Therapy is a form of counselling and psychotherapy that is appropriate for children. It is usually undertaken by 3-12 year olds, but can be adapted for adolescents. The most developed form of communication for children is through the act of play and creativity. It enables them to develop socially, cognitively and emotionally. It is a child’s first language! Through the employment of specific techniques by a qualified therapist, Play and Creative Arts can be used to alleviate psychological and emotional problems. Creative Arts and Play Therapy works with children with a wide range of problems, including: • Post traumatic stress, • Low self-esteem and low confidence, • Attachment issues, • Inappropriate behaviour (such as anger, aggression or histrionics) • Emotional issues, • Learning difficulties, • Anxiety, • Unhappiness, • Bereavement, • Friendship issues (such as toxic friendship, bullying or being bullied), • School refusal or exclusion, • Sleeping disorders, • Eating disorders, • Emotional effects of serious illness or disability, • Coping with Young Carers responsibilities, • Adoption acceptance. The therapy ‘toolkit’ consists of sand, clay, paint, craft, small world figures, music and movement, role-play/costume and drama, creative visualisations and therapeutic stories, puppets and masks. The Child and therapist work together in a counselling space called a Playroom, which is equipped with specially selected toys and art mediums. In this environment the child has the freedom to 'play out' their internal world at their own pace and thereby address issues that arise from their unconscious, as well as their conscious. It is through this process, supported by the Therapist and facilitated by the Playroom that a child can engage in personal healing, build resilience, learn to cope with stress and express their emotions constructively.

Booking Information


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To book please contact Nicola Cox: / Mobile: 07901 618238


  • Nicola offers one to one, 45 minute therapy sessions at the standard rate of £60.
  • The initial meeting is a 50 minute session at a discounted rate of £45. This takes place with the child's main caregiver(s) prior to therapy starting.
  • Payment must be received in advance of the session.
  • Non-attendance of a booked appointment is charged at standard rate
  • 24 hours cancellation policy


Continued Therapy


Parents/carers are initially invited into the first 'settling in session' together, until the child feels comfortable enough for you to leave. The child will then attend a 45 minute session each week. This will be held at the same time, on the same day, with the therapist. The minimum recommended number of sessions is 12, although more or less may be required and this can be discussed in a ‘review session’ with the parents/carers and child at the standard rate. The review is an opportunity for the parents/carers, child and therapist to communicate together and either plan for further therapy or plan an ending.


The therapy process is child led and therefore the number of sessions required depends on the needs of the child. Ultimately we want to achieve balance, positive behaviours and healthy outcomes and we do not want your child to be therapy dependant. Nicola is a registered BACP therapist and PTUK trained, therefore she is committed to working ethically and adhere to the ethical framework. Nicola uses the Virginia Axline principles when forming a trusted relationship with her clients: