Hormone Yoga Therapy workshop for women

One day intensive workshop


Date: Sunday 7th October 9am - 5:30pm


To book:  Please email Andrea: hormoneyogatherapyuk@gmail.com

For more information please visit www.hormoneyogatherapy.co.uk


Testimonials from women practicing HYT


Hormone Yoga is beneficial for all women regardless of age who live with:


•        PMS, painful periods, irregular periods

•        Polycystic ovaries

•        Infertility due to low hormone level

•        Urogenital dryness, low libido

•        Hot flashes

•        Hair loss, brittle hair and nails

•        Dry skin and acne

•        Anxiety, depression and emotional instability

•        Carpal tunnel syndrome

•        Osteoporosis

•        Weight gain

•        Hypothyroidism

•        For women 35+ to maintain hormonal balance and well-being


For more information please visit Andreas website