Hypnosis & Rapid-Change Therapy


Dr Andrew Bradford MD MScPsych RACGP FRACGP


As a busy GP with over 25 years of healthcare experience I have enjoyed helping my patients with mental health problems. I have had to find brief and effective interventions that that get rapid and lasting results. I have found Jorgen Rasmussen’s Psychological Illusion Model to be one of the most effective and the lasting ways to create rapid change for my clients.


During a session I will help you objectify your thought process and help you to know the illusionary nature of thoughts and help you notice unhelpful reactions and responses that can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and distress.


The sessions are 30-40 minutes and are guided to facilitate demonstratable improvements rapidly within one or two visits.

Contact & Booking Information


Please contact Andrew on 01275 595969 or thinking@thoughtdoctor.co.uk


Fees will be arranged on a case by case basis and depend on the individual circumstances and financial hardship with be considered.


A standard first session will usually be around £60.


Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance will be non-refundable.


For more information about Andrew and his practice please visit his website: www.thoughtdoctor.co.uk