Hypo-pressives : Restore CORE Hypo-pressives: Restore CORE through Pelvic Floor, Posture & C-Section Scar evaluation Hypo-pressive refers to a decrease in Intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). We experience rises in IAP most of our daily activities, however, we are most vulnerable to its’s affects when pressure rises are large and unexpected, such as coughing, sneezing and exercise. We can be at risk when tissues have been stretched or weakened as a result of pregnancy. Hypo-pressives is a whole body system of training using breathing & postural techniques to create positive change in the core, pelvic floor and posture.

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C-Section Scarring:


Impaired sensitivity/mobility of soft tissues can greatly impair motor function and create joint movement restrictions leading to pain and injury.


If you experience any of the following:

Burning Sensations




Or generally avoid touching the scar, this indicates that neurological feedback from the area is compromised.


Regardless of the age of the scar, it may remain “active”. Thus, causing pain, balance problems & restricted movement. Stressful situations and infectious diseases can activate or reactivate scars.



"After having a C-section, as part of the healing process I was advised to have scar treatment from Alan Muckle. The results have been amazing! My scar is already feint. I have all sensation back in that area and generally feel fab now that the post op stress on my body has gone! I only had two sessions and wanted to spread the word. Alan works on all scars regardless of age, with incredible results! Give him a call!" Mrs L.B.