Our resident and visiting therapists offer a range of massage techniques from therapeutic and healing to remedial and deep tissue. A short explanation of massage styles available can be found below, please click on each link for further information.


Holistic Massage

Through the therapeutic application of touch, holistic massage treats the body as a "whole", physically releasing toxins and relaxing taut muscles as well as rebalancing the body on both a physical and emotional level.


Hot Stone Massage

The use of warm basalt stones on the body can help to relax muscle tissue, ease tension and induce a state of calm.


Bodywork & Massage

Thai bodywork consists of passive stretching and mobilising techniques, as well as deep pressure and rhythmic compression to provide both muscle conditioning and energy balance.  Depending on what you need, Thai bodywork may reduce muscular stress, relieve tension in knotted muscles, improve movement in the joints, balance muscle groups and restore energy and vitality.  As well as improving flexibility and self awareness, Thai bodywork can support you to achieve a higher level of fitness.





If you are unsure which massage style would be most suitable for you at this time, please

contact Rachel at Yanley Court who will be happy to advise you on:


Tel: 01275 394554




For individual therapist availability, contact details and prices please select your preferred massage link above.