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 Meditation & Mindfulness for Wellbeing An 8 week course Do you find your thoughts running away with you? Is there never enough time in the day? Would you like more ease in your relationships? Do you simply wish that life could flow a little better? Research shows that 30 minutes meditation a day will boost your health, increase your intelligence, reduce your stress and offer you a whole host of other benefits.  Course Details This 8-week course provides an introduction to meditation and mindfulness, equipping you with skills for dealing with stress and/or health related issues and for achieving a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality. You’ll learn simple yet effective techniques to improve your concentration and mental focus, deal with stress and pain, and bring attention to how things are for you, right now, in the present moment. You’ll learn very practical tools to incorporate into your daily life to help you navigate through life’s ups and downs.