I am available at Yanley Court on Saturdays and on Monday/Tuesday mornings by arrangement.


To book please contact Mel on 07903 999684 / mel@deepdevotiontherapies.co.uk


Holistic / Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage

£30 per 30 mins

£45 per 60 mins

£65 per 90 mins


Aromatherapy / Hot Stone Massage

£55 75 mins



£45 per 60 mins

£30 per 30 mins


Indian Head Massage

£45 per 60 mins

£30 per 30 mins


Head Face Massage: £30 per 30 mins


All of the above can be blended and feel wonderful if you want something a little different.


Why not try:


  • Back and Head massage followed by Reflexology
  • A Back Massage followed by Indian Head Massage
  • Back Massage with Head Face Massage.


If you have any questions about suitability and health conditions please do email me before our first appointment.


Please give at least 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation charge.

Mel Maniam I first qualified as a practitioner of massage in 1996. It has been a long and interesting journey learning many disciplines and techniques to enhance my work. I have worked with other practitioners and receive regular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) supervisions to keep my treatments fresh and up to date with the latest thinking. From 1998 – 2001 I worked at Aardman Animations at Aztec West as their in house therapist. 2004 -15 I joined the Relaxation Centre and eventually became their practitioner manager. The style of massage I practice has become my own, I blend each session holistically to suit the individual client need. Be it more remedial/deep tissue – in preparation for your osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor, or helping to enhance your sporting or yoga ability, through to something soothing, soft, healing & refreshing. Massage can help aid recovery from physical strain right through to help manage a variety of ongoing health conditions. As well as being safe, holding and relaxing to help manage the stresses and strains of everyday life. Holistic Massage is a great way to reconnect to your body through safe, healing touch, releasing physical and emotional tension, leaving you feeling freer to enjoy life more fully. It has been known to help you sleep too! WHAT TO EXPECT Upon arrival you will be asked to fill out a short consultation form. We will then work out how best to tailor the session to meet your specific needs. It is useful to have a think beforehand about what you would like if it’s deep tissue/remedial. Where are you aching today? What part of your body needs ongoing support/maintenance? Or maybe you just simply want to feel relaxed, pampered and wish the cares of the world away for an hour or so.... Within the Aromatherapy Massage consultation a blend of oils are put together just for you. The blended oils are then bottled up for you to take away and use at home. Hot Stone Massage involves you having hot stones placed under and over the body in a special lay out, heat from the stones is trapped with extra towels to induce a feeling of deep comfort. You are then massaged with the stones using oil. It is a highly relaxing treatment. In Reflexology, only the feet and lower leg are treated. Firm touch is applied to specific points which are believed to correspond to parts of the body to create an energetic balance. Physically relaxing and releasing the muscles of the feet and pulling your awareness back into your body it’s a great way to feel reconnected and uplifted. Indian Head Massage is traditional Indian style of massage passed down through families and their barbers! A seated & clothed your shoulders, face, head and neck are massaged, it can be relaxing or invigorating. Fancy a little luxury? During a Head & Face Massage hot flannels are applied, followed by blended oils to the shoulders, face and scalp. Cold stones are used to invigorate the skin. Qualifications Massage VTCT - 1996 Aromatherapy VTCT - 1997 Reflexology IIHHT - 1998 Deep Tissue BCMB Hot Stone Massage Gateway Indian Head Massage