Reiki is a simple, safe, gentle, hands-on energy that when used as a healing technique can help to reduce stress, support relaxation and encourage healing. It uses spiritual energy, rather than, for example, massage or manipulation, to bring about a sense of balance and harmony.


When given, Reiki goes to wherever it may be needed, whether at a physical, emotional or spiritual level. In this way, Reiki may also help to raise the personal and spiritual awareness of the person receiving it.


During the Reiki session you will be asked to lie down on a couch and will remain fully clothed. Anyone, however, can benefit from Reiki so if a person is unable to get up on the couch, Reiki can also be given while sitting.



These spaces are sometimes called reiki gatherings or healing circles. They are open to everyone:

those attuned to reiki and those who just beginning with an interest in learning more about healing.


A healing circle lasts for about 2 hours.  All that is needed is your presence and openness to give and

receive healing.  For dates and more information please contact Yvonne or use this link:




Resident Therapists:

Yvonne Cattermole

Gail Lambourne


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