Relationship Coaching with Hypnotherapy

Ed Rooke Phd


Would you like to let go of reoccurring patterns which hold you back from the relationships and intimacy that you long for?


I help people resolve the unconscious blocks that prevent them from creating relationships and intimacy.


I work with a combination of techniques from Hypnotherapy, Generative Coaching and Shadow Work to gently guide you to open to the parts of yourself which are running your patterns and the resources you need to transform them.


I offer a unique sensitivity in the way I work which often allows clients to rediscover the subtle parts of their unconscious which underlie their patterns. I am committed to creating a safe and relaxed place where people can open to the feelings that are often connected to these blocks.


I care deeply about helping people to welcome home lost parts of themselves and reclaim their true power and freedom, so that they move into relationship and intimacy with the confidence and ease of being completely themselves.



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Ed is holding two Bristol events for September 2018: Freedom from the Critic Within You & Intro to Living Tantra

"The results from my sessions with Ed rippled out to make noticeable changes in my life. I feel like a weight has been lifted and another part of me has been brought to light." V. M. Bristol


“He very skillfully and sensitively guided me to the essence of myself… and to the resources I need to draw upon to create what I really want.” N.W. Brighton


"Ed has a level of empathy and integrity that is very rare…. I felt so held and deeply understood.” Anonymous


“Ed creates a profound sense of safety and holding when he works with you….. I felt able to go much deeper into my emotional landscape than I had anticipated.”  B.P. Trowbridge.


"Ed helped me work on what turned out to be exactly what was needed to get to the underlying cause of my issue, even though I wasn't aware of it….” J.S. Bristol.